T-mobile shares: softbank expects sales worth 20 billion from sale

The tech investor softbank has announced in the course of a deals confused on monday with deutsche telekom the targeted price for the sale of shares of US mobile T-mobile. Up to a good 198 million shares are to be sold for $ 103 per share certificate, such as softbank and telecom participation T-mobile announced on wednesday. That’s just less than the closing price of tuesday at the borse.

The targeted total lobby is due to just over $ 20 billion (18 billion euros). The japanese softbank needs the money among other things to compensate for losses through missed investments.

Share majority for telekom

The pricing follows the acquirement of telekom of monday, with softbank have agreed a deal with which the bonn’s direct share of T-mobile US can last around 43 percent to 51 percent. The japanese returned in return received grunes light, billions of urgently needed funding. After the current placement softbank still around 106 million shares in T-mobile US. At 101 million shares thereof, telekom has secured access to access by june 2024 -.

Softbank had as a majority owner of the jungst with T-mobile fused US rival sprint in the course of the merger a share of 24 percent of the merged enterprises. After the now planned stock sales and the possible expulsion of the options, this should fall to around eight percent.

Softbank needs money, a lot of money

The japanese have spelled out with daring investments, for example, in the stumbling bureaucride facilitator wework or the taxier kit service uber and urgently need money. In the now targeted placement, softbank benefits from the high-flight T-mobile share in recent weeks – since the corona crash-deeply in marz, the course attracted by almost 70 percent to last $ 107. The company is thus worth nearly 133 billion dollars at the borse. The previous share of deutsche telekom thus comes to a value of more than 50 billion euros. Deutsche telekom currently has a market capitalization of more than 71 billion euros.