The cowboys and cowgirls

Yankee doodle does not only win german and french weasels, but also the american cowboys

With his new number yankee doodle shows that his satirical vein does not just directed against bosses, doofe germans and french, but also against the cowboy mental tantatite of some americans (who the fuck is yankee doodle?To). And as with his anti-germans and anti-franzosic pages, at the same time, they do not quite know if that could not be more serious. First and foremost, it may only be about paying attention to the moods on both sides of the atlantic and a few dollars. But what do you want to expect from someone who gets its best ideas under the shower – and then the time has to do it.

Donald "sharpshooter" rum tommy "general" frank

From such an idea under the shower, the project has developed, writes yanke doodle to create a place to release the righteous arger on the old europe: "I thought about it "belgium bites" set up, but …. Well, that’s worth the HTML, which says more about belgium than this could be a joke." with germanyysinks.COM and FRANCESTINKS.Com landed the zyniker yankee doodle a success, as is often only succeeded on the internet. Not only did the clicks haughter, even the media in germany and abroad found the pages interesting.

Yes, and then – maybe – maybe – the mails from the darling people who wanted to push against the insult, what yankee doodle – supposedly – to another idea – does he read the mails maybe under the shower? -brought because the main accusation against the americans and bush had been that they want to be proud of cowboys. So she makes it too.

The cowboys and cowgirls

Condoleeza "security" rice

"They call us ‘fat’ and say that we’re ‘stupid’, and do not want things I want to repeat here, but more and more stronger turned out that their coarse accusation in the mention of ‘cowboy’ existed. Now that’s a word that is associated with all the true and faithful americans known to me with good things – bravery, honor, respect, defense of weak, incombed persecution of the boses -. And so I decided that I had found a topic for a new site with this word. ‘cowboy’ was the whole core of this nation: the cowboy nature or the code of the west or how to designate that."

And because cowboys somehow always wear rough cowboy boots, the website received the name WWW.Big boots.US. The best thing about the pages is certainly the gallery of "good guys", which now finally unpavaded once as cowboys and cowgirls can occur, but also the celebrities "bad guys" like julia roberts or george clooney, her fat woes.

Incidentally, there is also the shop where you are about T-shirts, mugs, bags, bitches or mousepads with the official germany assink.COM logo can acquire. And maybe the gang into the online business is also the real background for the websites that have succeeded in taking up for more or fewer emports as a symptom of eurobashing. So became germanyysinks.Com, of course, from the german side from about in the mirror seriously seriously than "hits" gorgeous. That too does not pay about the transatlantic mood.

In the spruchs for the american section of the big boots, however, the fantasy of yankee doodler still seems to be a little more in the shower.