The new triumph tiger 1200

The new triumph tiger 1200

Triumph dear in the new edition of the groben tiger the nickname "explorer" way. She now has simply tiger 1200, analogous to the smaller tiger 800. Overall, the developers want to have made about 100 improvements, but at first glance, only experts fall on the small differences to the transaction. Although the explorer drove very relaxed, but was a real pamper, that’s why triumph prescribed her strict diet. Overall, the top model tiger 1200 XRT has lost eleven kilograms, the basic version tiger 1200 XR after all two kilograms. It remains with 242 kg dry weight at the upper average of the travel enduros.

In the variant jungle

Triumph offers the TIGER 1200 in six variants. But is relatively simple: there are the tigers as XR (R like road) with cast rims for those who do not ruin anyway from the asphalt, and as XCX (XC for cross country) with wire spokes for more joint fear. The rest is distributed in variants with upscale equipment: the XRX, XRX LRH, XRT and XCA have component packets that were individually more expensive than extras ordered. Where the XRX LRH is just a 20 mm lowered XRX.

Many equipment

The tiger 1200 XR starts at 14.700 euros and was already happy with their extensive basic equipment already every driver. Honestly: who really needs a mountaineering help, seat heating or keyless ignition? The nachthohere equipment variant XRX for 16.650 euros (such as the lower XRX LRH) offers an electronically regulated, semi-active chassis, curve ABS, a clutter-dependent traction control, four instead of only three driving modes, LED light, handle heating, seat heating and keyless ignition. The top version XRT costs rich 18.750 euro and also has goodies as a quickshift, which allows switching without clutch in both directions as well as a mountaineering help, funf driving modes, LED cornering light, titanium carbon silencer and a higher touring slice.

The XCX with wire spokes for 17.650 euros offers the same equipment as the XRX plus a fold driving mode, while the XCA with expensive 19.950 euros the same loving features such as the XRT offers, but with "offorad pro" still has a sixth driving mode in which the ABS and the traction control can be switched off completely. In addition, she has framed joints. Both XC variants delight with a motor protection made of aluminum and crash bullets. The XCA brings 248 kg dry to the scales and thus ten kilograms less than the transaction.


If you have decided in the thicket of the equipment variants for a model, you can safely access, because the heart of the tiger 1200 is more than mature. The developers are proud of the retreaded three-cylinder. While he still has 1215 cm3, but with 141 hp at 9350 / min two ps more peak performance. The maximum torque of 122 nm is already at 7600 / min. This bully force offers the engine in the known silky smooth running, but now a facilitated crank mechanism and a lighter flywheel as well as electronically controlled throttle valves will face a spontaneous response. At the new aggregate, the engineers closed smooth three kilograms. But it remains in the linear power development and a massive speed plateau, which is particularly treasures the tour driver.

Even smoother

The reduced rotating masses in the engine also contribute to improved handling. With a steering head angle of 66.8 degrees and 100 mm caster, the rough triumph laminates despite one of the wheelbase from about 50 to 1520 mm, still very successful their actually high weight. The steel pipe frame has not changed to the process model, even the very supple ongoing cardan drive has never gave rise to the lawsuit.