The open human contempt of the police

Bondage in the cot or: how to create a scandal, part 2

Part 1: bondage in the cot or: how to create a scandal

As already in the first part, the facts behind the coarse scandal in aschersleben are indispensable for a scandal, although in other respects as part of the media are colensioned. While the scandal is seen there that the "leadpoint of a padophilen network" can be open, the actual scandal is that here are 11 people where there is no indication that they will commit criminal offenses, observed by the police and finally arrested, recognition service treated and with "voluntary searches" be considered. It is important that no adhesive commands were ied, there was no indication according to the statement of the penal formers themselves that crimes are planned here, trying or tries. Should be carried out. For the initial condensation, the fact that 11 padophiles, together with a child, meetings and the "information" of the RTL journalist.

As noted in the girl lover forum (GLF), the whole for RTL of the coup is par excellence. If the police did not hit, they had to find the afternay on television to find "undercover reportage" of the journalist with one "and the police look at the time" can be garnished, but is one "the information of our journalist led to 11 arrests, 1 child could be saved" the frosting on the undercover pie. What to keep from the undercover investigations, which are already in relation to the "bondage cot" could be eradicated as a sensational mixing, reminds of the format crime scene: internet, which also the fear of the "everywhere lurking padophils that are constantly approaching children" shur.

They should not do that

The police described the obvious science awareness of the journalist. She has not only dreamed here, many "information" to check itself instead of repeating these parrots (see "cot and bondage"), she also reveals a frightening sense of human contempt in its statements, which should not be found in the porters of the violence monopoly.

It is nothing new that some people of the padophile, equal to whether he ever punishable, seems as such a danger that radical maps up to the death penalty appear as appropriate. However, the farmers of the monopoly of violence, which carry a special responsibility, however, to expose costs and impairment. Instead, the police do not shy away from dictating the media to the microphone’s media, one not only determines the identities, but also want to signal the participants of the meeting, "that they are known". Known here is sooner with "we watch you all the time" to translate, which makes it clear that the sexual inclination alone is sufficient to look at the suspicion of the persons as appropriate.

But the police continue when she says that it should be prevented that "the trusted round is still a pretty day". This reveals that according to this penal fabricator, which is at least the head of central criminal title, are padophils at the end of the food chain – they should not replace, they should not meet, they should not have a nice day. It is important again that it went around humans who were in no way penalty. The fact that padophiles meet was enough to suggest that even offenses are planned or carried out. And even if that is not the case, the observation, arrest and detection service treatment is still sold as a service of pravention and deterrence, instead of even in some form once to consider whether one is not far beyond the target.

In the GLF, too, it is also too written that it is hardly wondering if padophils only swap away, use pseudonyms and are extremely careful when it comes to revealing the identity of someone. Who also? In the forums there is always aming that a sensational journalist is intended and initiates a police approach or otherwise a forum as "hort of bosen" presents or even forced outing; self-help groups were allowed to be exposed to infants and therapy sites are RAR. The outing of nonpadophils was allowed to exclude exclusion, as even harmless activities such as coffee drinking or visiting a children’s flea market (also padophiles have families, so that on children’s flea markets can also be purchased simple and moving gifts and not inescapable "after the next sacrifice will be", as the current media reports suggest) already as a suspicious resp. As an occasion for initially suspected including the consequences, to arrest.

The number of padophils may appear slightly, which is still the question of how the society wants to deal with these people and how they continue to approach the reiberian approaches, as they are currently found in the media, go to the glue want. It’s not helped anyone when padophiles are only marginalized and their suffering is increasingly increasing. More clearing about what is padophilia and what it is not is important, however, is important, however, is made of barely a page of or demanded. If the police may say irrevokes that they just as well as in aschersleben also justified for justified because those affected "could not make a nice day anymore", then this is a sign for that padophile possibly. Keep little help from the police, if they are committed or attacked by their tendency.

That mr. Hermann at the end of the press conference, the 5-year-old madchen, which was presented for the youth welfare office, still referred to as an object, surprises only a little, he already speaks before that the girl was abused – by taking them to the meeting, the children’s flea market visited, and played in the zoo on the playground. Who did not occupy "decoy" makes the girl shortly to the abuse sacrifice.

Considerable is that with messages like the above the "children’s pornoring in aschersleben" no control authority works anymore. The coverage of "deleted padoringe", "children’s porn" etc. Is limited to a short-term medial, often overdrawn panic choir, which quiet voices are no longer heard. Even the news magazine, which chests with a rough research team, has been (at least as far as his online funnel) has been steady to the boulevard and, for example, in the case of aschersleben even from a children’s pornoring.