Trialed: macululinux in the “lindoz”-edition for windows transfer

Trialed: Macululinux in the'lindoz'-edition fur windows-umsteiger'lindoz'-edition fur windows-umsteiger

Many of the factors that have made a change to linux made more difficult today, do not play a rough role today: the strong dependence of windows-specific applications such as microsoft office is in many places of history, more and more workload wanders in the cloud and numerous popular programs are already a platform shaped anyway. Available. Nevertheless, windows users who want to change to linux are often confronted with difficulties. You will find many features of the system – not least optics and operation – as unfamiliar and adapting the system to your own needs is difficult because a counter-piece for system control under windows is supposedly missing.

Some linux distributions want to make this user easier to change – so also makululinux in the lindoz edition, which was published in a new version (2021-03-11) in a new version (2021-03-11). The aim of the MAKULU team is to provide an operating system that strongly demonstrates windows with regard to optics and behavior, but at the same time contributes a certain individual level. We have looked at lindoz with regard to the question of whether it is suitable as a drop-in-replacement for windows transferring.

Challenges in the installation

MAKULULINUX printers like these days as a live distribution with built-in installer. Perfectly powerful is the ISO file, which claims the downlink with almost two GB and from which the basic system including all important additional tools install. After the start of the ISO you end up on the lindoz desktop. Impractical: from the live CD, the entire desktop is extremely available in english. Not every user speaks as well english so well that he needs the installation of an operating system in this foreign language. The locales for the german language environment, however, can be made in the live system and after a logout and renewed login, parts of the desktop appear – including the installation routine – in german.

Trialed: Macululinux in the'lindoz'-edition fur windows-umsteiger'lindoz'-edition fur windows-umsteiger

The installation routine brings makulu reliably to the hard drive, but zicks in the language selection.

Tricky especially for beginners was able to select the correct partition scheme during the installation process when windows and linux should run parallel on the same disk. Anyone who liked lindoz from makulu on an old system without parallar windows, but simply elays the option to make maculu using the entire hard drive.

After a restart of the system by the installation wizard, lindoz can be used. Since the installer forgets the previously defined language setting on the way again, the installed system must be "language installer" be changed again in german.

Homely windows atmosphere on the desktop

Avilually, the unnotically complicated language settings are therefore because of this "makululinux setup manager" with his welcome screen first only in english is available. Apart from this point, however, it will be clear that the developers really have given rise to roughness, their standard desktop with open-source tools as well as possible to the optics of a windows 10, sometimes combined with elements of early windows versions , adapt.

A start bar with tray icon, all in subtle dark gray, a start menu with followed tile looks as well as the desktop background known from the live system create a homely atmosphere for windows users. The coarse style fracture causes the symbols that have nothing to do with the originals of windows. Probably they should not do that, but also, because redmond icons could make the gardue with too great a similarity.

In the video (from about 1:34), the developers also present the possibility to change between different themes.

The claim according to being more than just a windows clone is available in the current lindoz output for the first time a theme switch. With it, the appearance of the desktops is from the windows imitation to one of zwolf’s other, predefined views.