Ultricipate escalation strategy

Ultricipate escalation strategy

"Freedom march" the right. Image: patriot pryaer

America’s extremist rights tries to score with violent rising in the run-up to the senate elections

Once again, portland caught, one within the US right as a particularly liberal shifted city at the american west cust. Hundreds of right-wing groups patriot prayer and proud boys marched in the city to enforce one of their now good, increasingly violent provocation marshes.

The martial right-wing extremists were confronted by anti-fascist counter demonstrators, which composed of a broad coalition of antiracistic, feminist, liberal, left and social groups. In the run-up, even excavations were uplowered, portland became one "another charlottesville" will. As a reminder: in the east american eastern custodian city, a legal terrorist in a similar march has hazy a car in anti-fascist area constrants, injured dozens of people and a anti-fascist is tattled (trumps right attachment.

The last march of the right-wing extremists in portland on 30. June was also overshadowed by heavy riots. This time marched "protoxist" (huffington post) with baseballs, striking socks, knives, shields and body armor. Although the police officer exselely prohibited the wearing of such weapons on the previous year, the security forces did not make efforts to confiscate these weapons.

Criticism of the procedure of the police

This time, however, it was not US nazis, but the for excessive violence tested police force in portland, which almost tattered a counter-demonstrator. The police have decided to protect the right-wing extremists and attack the counter-demonstrators, refer to the huffington post. For this purpose, potentially dead shock grenades and rubber poses were used dozene compartment, which met several demonstrators directly. Several demonstration participants had to be admitted to the hospital, a demonstrator with a heavy head injury.

According to the US human rights organization american civil liberties union (ACLU) do not use other police station in the US such weapons systems "with a regularity like the portland police bureau". The procedure of the police fuel rates on heavy criticism. As the "violent prototafers" together in portal and the police are the police "going on the anti-fascists", complained about the huffington post.

The ACLU wrote in an official explanation that the procedure of the militarized police in portland "completely unacceptable in a free society" may be. The repeated use "excessive violence", the application of "ammunition, weapons and explosives" and the attacks against people due to their political convictions presented a violation of the basic freedom rights of the US burger. The news agency AP reported that the police seemingly "especially against the previous one protesting against the prasence right-wing extremist demonstrators", by "shock grenades and rubber poses" put on.

Strategy of tension

The provoked riots, which exclude those right-wing extremes just in the city and regions that are considered to be particularly anti-fascist, are part of the strategy of tension of extreme rights. The calculus: one wants to provoke, attract attention, make headlines to establish itself as an important political factor as a strong movement that becomes attractive for more right-wing extremists. Most recently, it came together in berkeley between right-wing extremists and countertreamstrants. Portland was already three times destination right-wing extremist. Definess is washington D.C. On the series.

The man, which is behind this strategy, runs in the coming congress elections for the republicans – this is also trump’s america in 2018. Joey gibson, a right-wave waffennarr, who ever calls his trail to appear armored on demonstrations, runs in wesenington in the western US federal city. Again and again gibson "controversial methods", to a right agenda calculated in "bastions of liberalism" to propagate, so the guardian. After that, he explains that he is the violent reactions to his collection "the strab beams of the alt-right and sewing racists" were coordinated, do not understand.

It does not always have to be a strain battle that this right-wing extreme troll strategy: the right-wing extremist-based right-wing extremist was set, for example, on the campus of the university of washington of policemen, after being raised with some coagulants there with pistols and a machine gun armed. With his successful provocative strategy, gibson hopes to be in the race for the move to the congress in washington, D.C. Connect.

Ultricipate escalation strategy

Joey gibson with bodyworks. Screenshot from youtube video

The extreme rights under trump

Gibson was now meeting there on many like-minded people, such as senator bernie sanders young in a television interview exported. Because in the ARA trump already many extremely right politicians have progressed in important power positions: "we are located in a moment of american history, where right-wing extremists control the congress, the senate and the woman house." now TRUMM is still a right extremist in the supreme court to hieven. He has "heavy concerns aquatus" in the US, this should succeed in the US prasident, sanders.

Even the american right-wing extremists can repeatedly pay for coarse donations anonymous gonner, whereby west of the atlantic is often used to use cryptovascuses, such as forbes exported. The nazi website "daily stormer" got about shortly before the last-year-old march in charlottesville converted 60.000 US dollars, as a whole, have been invested in the fascist extremist network at least 1.8 million. Just before the planned march in washington, funds were also passed, so forbes.

In view of the solid financing and powerful friends, america’s right-wing extremists drop the masks final – and are increasingly being used for the use of deadly violence over. According to the non-governmental organization anti-defamation league (ADL), around 59 percent of all extremist totungs offenses in the united states in the united states went to the account of extreme rights in the united states. This has the number of "WEEBS RASSIST" committed murders against 2016 "more than doubled", warned the ADL in your all-year report.

Overall, 34 people extremist fell as a victim last year, with right-wing extremists totled 20 people. Several these murders could be assigned to the new right old-right movement, reports ADL, the 2017 "your operations from the internet laid into the real world". The chaos in charlottesville, where the anti-fascist heather heyer killed and have been violated dozens of counter-demonstrators, marked the juvenity of the nazistrausestrategie of the strain confrontations. This new tactic suggests that it is also on pleasure "more such acts of violence" give, warned the ADL.

Oberdies made the ADL again clearly, where the true terrorist dangerous potential in the united states was to be placed: in the recovering decade, american rights had committed about 71 percent of all extremist murders, the militant islamism was responsible for 26 percent of the totations that were left only three percent attributed.