Escape: eu plans with east african despot

According to the magazine monitor, the EU wants to negotiate with east african rulers over a jerking and backup of migrants

The ARD magazine monitor was allowed confidential documents, which, so the teaser for broadcasting the post, "under no circumstances to the public". It is about targeted cooperation of the EU "the rulers in eritrea, sudan, athiopia and somalia" in the escape lot.

The constellation from a meeting protocol of the EU ambons of 23. Marz and various, not close-mentioned confidential papers, the openness was allowed to be familiar to the EU: the EU is located to record as few asylum seekers from african countries as possible. Therefore, you are looking for the prevailing with lucrative offers from a cooperation to convince. Human rights, otherwise rough suspension sign of the EU, are subordinated.

Economic aid on offer

From the EU offering basket, economic aid and visa facilities are mentioned for diplomats, as a goal of cooperation withdrawal. According to the session protocol, germany should be at this point "urgent need for action" germany signed up to all four east african countries.

According to negotiations, the EU can imagine stronger cooperation with the security authorities in athiopia. Specifically, the proposal becomes a "improved information exchange with the police" mentioned. This should be noted in a landing report. An exercise from the session protocol is provided to this, according to which the EU’s SERVICE service is the humanitarian situation in athiopia as "catastrophic" opposite.

In the case of sudan, the offer for one "cooperation in the areas of migration, mobitat and backup" mentions that a deletion is conceivable by the list of terror-assisting states. But you have to be careful.

Sudan: the reputation of the EU

If the EU is too strong to engage with sudan, the EU’s reputation is at the game, the european safe service should warn according to the session protocol. Zusal sudan’s prasident omar al-bashir sought by the international criminal court for volkermords and crimes against humanity with international arrest warrant.

For inquiries about these points, the european commission and the safe service had expressed that cooperation and dialogue with the origin and transitlangers of african escape "leaving" may be. That but "the protection and the demand of human rights" in the center of relations hours.

Of these, escorts from the sudan obviously are not convinced. One hundred of them protested in february last year for better opportunities in the right of residence (beginning of last year, de maizière was still ready for keywords).

Protest of the escape from the sudan

The made from the sudan made the federal government as well as german companies the accusation that they cooperate with the sudanese regime:

This cooperation supports the sudanese government certified by a criminal, undertaking vacuum and crime against humanity.

According to the company, the economic relations between germany and sudan are "of high appreciation for german deliveries and services", the volume but low (exports 2013 224 million euros, imports 15.1 million euros).

There is an interest of german companies in engineering services on behalf of the sudanese government, it continues. It is called rough projects such as the expansion of the sudanese telecommunications sector, as well as projects in power plant construction and transport sector.

Amnesty international reported in the last sudan-report of a drastic level of fundamental rights in 2015, from a sharp approach to media, civil society organizations and opposition political parties, as well as voluntary detention, torture and other maltreatment.