Mosul: thousands of rights in front of the housekeeping

Mosul: Thousands of Rights in front of the housekeeping

Explosive stop in mosul. Cutout from an IS progaganda video, via twitter

The offensive to the backing of the city converges the densely sealed zones, the number of escaping growth

The request of mosul from the tyrrellaburism of the IS continues to be a lot of maohsamer, arbitrary, and all likely to be under very large losses under the civil avocculation and the crowds who want to take the city.

In a few weeks, the offensive could be successful, beat it optimistic at the beginning of the coarse attack mid october. Now, two and a half months later, the iraqi minister prospident promises that the IS will be expelled from iraq by april.

That the IS is no longer in iraq after expulsion from mosul, it is largely unity. Also about that the 100.000 camphor strong squares of iraqi elite troops and militar units as well as militias, especially the shiite, supplemented by western elite units and streers through the US air force, which conquer the city, is not doubted in the basic matter. The question is just how long that takes and under which victims.

UN organizations have been warning for a long time before a humanitarian catastrophe associated with the war around the city. The drinking water supply for half a million inhabitants was danger, beat it at the beginning of december. Then one spoke of a failed or. A fatal strategy because the iraqi government had asked the population to stay in the city and to wait for the liberation instead of fleeing.

13.000 aligned in five days

I probably, at this time, was suspected as a motion because the government was borrowed in baghdad that she was not caught with coarse escape strings. That’s exactly what it could happen, let’s up the latest news of the UN. Accordingly, alone should be within five days since the 29.December 13.000 people from mosul flooded.

Overall, you have been paying about 130 since the beginning of the offensive.000 sampled from mosul and surroundings, so the UN spokesman stephane dujarric. He bounded that the number of escape elevators could continue to grow, as they are related to a new attack shaft.

The new attacks are frequently in media reports than "second phase" refers to the offensive after a sticker. The rough problem of this offensive is that you now operate in a very difficult development because it penetrates in inhabited areas. The first goal is the recovery of the east of the city, urban areas and neighborhoods on the left tigris shore.

Successful prerequisite in the east

Yesterday and today, there were success reports, quickly published on twitter, but also spread from rough news agencies like reuters: the important mithaq district is conquered – a success message that was already spread yesterday over video clips yesterday.

Yesterday, it also bothered that other important districts in the east of the city, such as the intisar district, were taken, in quuds and karamah. Reuters reports preliminary in the wahda district.

But this is obviously associated with further rising escape. According to reuters, most of the east of the city come, but more escape attempts were made in the western part of the city. Like a report of the website niqash.Org describes, is the situation in the neighborhoods on the right bank of the river miserabel.

The supply of food and energy converges catastrophic ones that are threatening is-militias of escapes that are bombed. However, a spokesman for the iraqi militar experienced that one would attack the enemy, which is already isolated in the east, in the next few days on the right side of the flufer.

US general: 1.2 million apartments are to be hedged

The US general joseph martin explains the US general joseph martin’s counteruber reuters: it gives over 200.000 building in the city, if you expect 6 rooms for each building, then the 1.2 million living space, which must be secured, that no IS campers are more.

The distinction is difficult because the militias pay attention to mixing with the civil avenue. There are also the well-known terrific missions of explosives, car bombs and suicide mats, with which the iraqi army does very heavy and thus makes the IS propaganda.

Fear of is-terror with the mosul dam

Several subsequent in baghdad, which are equally aimed at civilians such as evidence of the security forces and which are attributed to the IS, indicated that the IS-milizen are inferior to numericals and, according to some reports, also showing signs of weakness, to reduce average, against the little herb has grown on terror.

Some experts who see the is on the move, also flourished that it is the IS-militis as soon as they are in mosul with the jerking to the wall, the inhibition swells were lowered to set a coarse disaster. Played is recorded on a possible destruction of the mosul dam, which was the life of very many people injured.