Prestige surgery in the polarmeer

The recovery of the havaried russian atom-U-boot "kursk" should provide proof of transparency of russian information policy

Last weekend in the barent lake in the northern polarmer, the operations for the recovery of the russian nuclear submarines fallen in front of a year ago have "kursk" began. Unlike immediately after the accident, the russian authorities are striking for an open information policy. But already now, russian and norwegian side criticism of the $ 80 million project is loud.

Computer-generated image of the planned recruitment action, joint venture kurskalvage

On the bottom of the barent lake in the northern polarmeer, in 108 meters deep lies the dared "kursk", A 154 meter long and around 15,000 tonnes of heavy monstrum from a submarine. On board the wreck are still the bodies of 112 russian sailors, as well as several dozen torpedoes and cruise missiles of the type "granite". The two atomic reactors driven "kursk" sank on the 12. August after several explosions on board. From russian side, the result was claimed that the downfall is after a collapse with an unidentified vehicle. But now the cause of the accident is no longer in the foreground. By mid-september, the wreck should be recovered and brought to a dry dock in the militarhafen of murmansk. At the moment, the preparatory work is in full swing. In recent days, the wreck was freed from mud and silt, so that on the 8. August with the separation of the damaged fuselage portion, which is laid back on the seabed, can be started.

With the operation commissioned is a joint venture, consisting of the two dutch companies mammoet and smit international. Mammoet specializes in lifting unusual loads and draws at the "kursk"-sales responsible for transporting the wreck to murmansk, while smit international completed the underwater work. Only in early july came the norwegian DSNB that supports the joint venture with a transport ship in the dive. The planned course of salvation is displayed on a mammoet and smit-operated website by video simulation.

Purpose optimism with intermediate ons

Although all those involved are optimistic, but the ‘if’ and ‘but’ are to be heard. This is particularly related to the two atomic reactors aboard the submarine. Since the barent lake is one of the fishgrards of norwegian companies, there are several concerns in terms of an evenly failure of the recovery operation. Although the norwegian crisis rod is insured for atomic duty that even in the case of a GAU in norway is not to be expected with health risks. Ole harbitz, the chairman of the crisis rod said opposite the newspaper dagbladet, that even in the worst case, the fish of a radiation of a maximum of 100 were exposed to a convenient per kilo. It is approved in norway’s sale of seafood with six-fitting value. From russian side, this comment was confirmed. General boris alexejev said opposite the agency ITAR-TASS, when leaving radioactivity, the strong currency for a dilation of the concentration. For the meng the radioactivity in the water and in the air around the accident site are related to the "kursk"-however, salvation officially involved only russian bodies, which is criticized by the norwegians.

Also, the norwegian-russian environmental protection organization bellona already points to inconsistencies during the current preparatory work of the actual salvage. So bellona criticizes the non-compliance with the timetable of the operation. Divers who were intended to carry out more than early exercises of russian vacations on thursday climbs in the vicinity of the wrecks, were currently still at the hotel in the north norwegian city of kirkenes. Also the displacement of the appointment for separating the damaged hull of the 7. On the 8. August, is critically noted by bellona.

The russia expert thomas nielsen von bellona suspects a political prestige project of the government of the government in the recovery of kursk. After the information desaster in the downfall last fall, there is no less than the creditancy of the russian prassident on the game. A website set up for the recovery operation on the government server STRANA.RU should strike the chief for coarse transparency. The english-speaking moscow newspaper moscow times sees no sign of openness in the information offensive. This does not last with a look at the conflict in chechnya, where anything but transparent is informed about the operations of the russian army. "We are convinced of any changes only when we see how the kremlin deals with the next catastrophic situation", can be read in the editorial from thursday.