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End for the legacy client: with domino 12 by low code for web application

End for the Legacy client: with Domino 12 by low code for web application

With domino 12, HCL updates its application platform, fruher part of IBMS notes brand. The list of innovations is long, the most important traps in the areas of applications, security, cloud and backup.

Applications for the future

Domino stands in positive as well as in the negative sense for a long-term exhibition compatibility: developers want to help companies stronger that they are no longer dependent on outdated client applications. Nomad has been stealthy since V11 to provide these classic applications in the browser over webagsembly and as native apps for ios and android.

Such applications can be created via the 2020 introduced low code platform domino volt. The surface can be designed on a graphic designer. Starting version 12, no longer only form pages, but also so-called app pages can be designed. These may include, for example, frontend menus, dashboards and displays for information. Also navigation elements can now be added directly without code.

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Iphone: apple’s new podcasts app annoys users

IPhone: Apple's new podcasts app annoys users

Apple has with the coarse IOS update 14.5 unquestions also a completely overargested version of the podcasts app is donated, which is part of the operating system. It brings among other among other amendments to the operation, but also changes settings. This increasingly ensures confusion and complaints in many users.

Apple also cremes the business model

With ios 14.5 apple also leads podcast abodienste (for the apple commission receipt) and is still pleased even as a publisher of audioines. Apparently, the group made tabula rasa in his app in the course of these changes. On reddit and social networks, users air are made over the changes. In some user, everyone has not yet been given to the library and downloaded – sometimes-of-year libraries.

Rough downloads overs mobile network

The download feature turns on automatically. In the worst case, this can lead to high data consumption over the mobile network if the iphone is not in the wi-fi. It should not be possible to easily hide already played epidoons and the playback history was laughed at some users. The usability now corresponds to less a podcast client than a tool for playing TV series, is in the user citizens.

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Airtag: apple has problems with insulting engravings

Apple allows the free personalization of its available for pre-ordering UWB and bluetooth tracker AIRTAG. You can specify either four letters or two emojis when ordering either, which will be engraved before shipping. This is very convenient if you have bought several of the little pucks to track different items – individually sold apple the airtags for 35 euros, in the four-pact somewhat favorable for 120 euros. Up to sixteen stucco can be used per apple ID, the manufacturer.

Spab with the engraving function

As now shows, some users use the automated gravurur function of the AIRTAG to allow themselves to have a spab – they elections extra rogue words or insulting terms or emoji combinations. Actually, apple has taken a counter-statement with an integrated censored routine. Tests of the IT blog the verge now show that that does not always work well.

"Horseshit" forbidden, "disc" but not

So apple filters standard candidates like "butt", "suck" or "NSFW" out, different emoji combinations do not. The result is partly bizarre. So you can about the horse and "poop"-emoji ("horseshit") do not put in succession, the reverse combination or the one with a unicorn already ("apple is adorable in fictional horses"to). "Monkey slice", "chicken" or "disc" can be selected by emojikombination.

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Bootschleiff at ipados

Bootschleiff at iPados

Currently the user messages are more unusual reboots on a specific ipad model. The problem seems to occur since recording the previous last ipados update 13.4.1 and is also with the youngest operating system version ipados 13.5.1 not yet fixed. In several threads in apple’s official help forum, it is called the ipad pro with 10.5 inches rough screen, originally in 2017, was affected by the bug – whether other devices show the behavior, initially unclear remained unclear.

Since ipados 13.4.1

The error image is always the same: after the cold start of the tablet is a reboot after 30 to 45 seconds, even if no single app has been clicked. An affected person gave the problems with updating to ipados 13.4.1 started; this was published this year in april. Since the restart repeats itself, it comes to a kind of delayed boat loop – with the result that the tablet does not use anymore.

Also affected newer models?

According to occasional reports, it can also come to the behavior with other ipad models, but this is milder. In a user report it is called, an ipad pro with 11-inch screen is currently starting every ten minutes. I have tried to update and restart it, but that obviously does not help.

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After sexism-prompted: fired commercialist pushes back against apple

After sexism-prompted: fired commercialist pushes back against Apple

Apple continues to have with a relevant personality decision. The iphone group has him "fired in a quick decision", explained the commercialist antonio garcia martinez. The manager had had to leave the company again at the end of the past week after a short time after around 2000 apple employees had supported a petition against him. They throw martinez, his 2016 autobiographical book "chaos monkeys" contain sexist passages.

"Apple knew the book"

He had been actively hired by apple to work with the company to advertise with privacy, garcia martinez on twitter. Apple knew his texts in advance and asked him about the controversial passages from his bestseller and to the differences between his "real professional" and his "literary figure". He has the affair "gutsy" want to unwind, but because apple has broken the silence, he also wanted to clarify his position.

A few days after the new school position of the manager, the once facebook’s promotional business with built, employees and employees of apple demanded an investigation because the "women’s timely statements" in the book of the manager in "direct contrast to the apple’s commitment to inclusion and diversitat" hours. You want to know why his "published views on women and people of color were reviewed or ignored", stretched it in writing.

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