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Privacy: luxembourg plans 350 million euros penalty for amazon

Privacy: Luxembourg plans 350 million euros penalty for Amazon

350 million euros penalty for privacy violations, the national commission for data protection (CNDP) of the coarse hearway luxembourg of amazon.Cash cash. That reports that wall street journal (WSJ) citing inaugants. What amazon is accurately accused of is not known. The CNDP is stateful because the group in luxembourg maintenance.

Both amazon as well as the authorities have rejected opinions. According to newspaper report, the luxembourg privacy workers have already supported their counterparts in the other EEA countries a copy of their decision-making draft. The so-called coherence proceedings have begun. The national privacy may agree with each other to apply the data protection regulation (DSGVO) possible coherent.

According to WSJ, some european data protections have already contradicted the luxembourg proposal and, in at least one case, a more high penalty required. Should luxembourg’s authority in the current amazon case do not agree with the privacy habits of the universal DSGVO lander, the european data protection committee (ESDA) must vote on the criminal decision for amazon. Under the chairmanship of the easter juristin andrea jelinek, the ESDA coordinates the data protection workers of the 30 EEA countries.

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Not every knoll from the eu abroad must be paid

Transportless must also count on the autumn with bub money certificates from the EU abroad – but they do not have to pay everyone. Because the grenzu-cleaning punishment ames that the procedure is also legally valid. There is a mistake, KONNE that "EU-knollchen" successfully challenged, the traffic rights expert volker lempp from the auto club europa (ACE) on friday said the DPA theme service.

The bundestag had approved the implementation of an EU decision in the evening, after which bubgeld decisions from other EU countries can be enforced under certain circumstances in germany. Who is asked to pay for a traffic offense abroad, should note the following, according to those skilled in the art:

High: foreign bubbles of less than 70 euros can not be enforced.

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Scheuer wants more dynamics in climate protection

Scheuer wants more dynamics in climate protection

"Already there is a distinct that we need much more dynamics," said the CSU politician on friday (28. Feb. 2020) german press agency. "Climate protection is a running process, and our considerations are far from completed with the climate package."Throughout europe, the topic stronger will be tackled.

More biofuel for jets

"In addition, topics such as a binding admixture of sustainable kerosene in aviation, a dense loading and tanket for vehicles with alternative drives and the expansion of the railway offer between the european metropolises," said scrub. "It’s clear, we still have a lot to do and do not let it out."

So that germany reaches the climate goals for 2030, the traffic area must be delivered mainly. Because there the CO2 emissions have hardly fallen in recent years. In the coming weeks, an opinion of the ministry of the environment is expected whether the initiated measures are sufficient in the area of transport.

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T-mobile shares: softbank expects sales worth 20 billion from sale

The tech investor softbank has announced in the course of a deals confused on monday with deutsche telekom the targeted price for the sale of shares of US mobile T-mobile. Up to a good 198 million shares are to be sold for $ 103 per share certificate, such as softbank and telecom participation T-mobile announced on wednesday. That’s just less than the closing price of tuesday at the borse.

The targeted total lobby is due to just over $ 20 billion (18 billion euros). The japanese softbank needs the money among other things to compensate for losses through missed investments.

Share majority for telekom

The pricing follows the acquirement of telekom of monday, with softbank have agreed a deal with which the bonn’s direct share of T-mobile US can last around 43 percent to 51 percent. The japanese returned in return received grunes light, billions of urgently needed funding. After the current placement softbank still around 106 million shares in T-mobile US. At 101 million shares thereof, telekom has secured access to access by june 2024 -.

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Alpine: new infotainment system for skoda octavia

Alpine: new infotainment system for skoda octavia

Munich, 27. September 2016 – the abolition of the DIN slot has been making itself unpleasantly felt for a few years: previously, it was a few moves and the new used car was up to date in the field of infotainment. Although already at the time of the unit shaft almost every new car had a factory radio, so the manufacturers could not complain about lack of revenue from this area, this standard was abolished – in favor of proprietary solutions. Almost every manufacturer has now for each model its own forms and its own way to integrate the audio system into its BUS system. This makes retrofitting enormously more difficult.

But something is happening, at least for mass models like the current skoda octavia. For them there are aftermarket solutions of different price ranges. New on the market is a comparatively expensive from alpine called X901D-OC3, which is made specifically for the octavia 3. With a list price of 1499 euros, it competes with skoda’s most expensive factory system, but can do a bit more. Thus the display with nine is even one inch coarser than the factory model. Videos can be played – the system can be used for CD player. In addition, there is digital radio (DAB+), HDMI, USB and rear camera connections.

Expensive updates

The navigation system uses maps from here. It’s a bit surprising that there is a "30-day map update guarantee". The cost of an update depends on the scope of the update. A one-time update DACH maps (germany austria, switzerland) costs 69.95 euros and as a 1-year subscription (up to 4 updates. A full map update for europe costs 89.95 euros and as a 1-year subscription 119.95 euros. A lot of money when you consider that the here app can be updated for free.

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From concrete to humans

First of the islam: foreclosure and parallel worlds in the french prejudices. From gilles keplel "banlieue de la republique" will be a lot of talking.

From this report (collector) will be a lot of talking. His title "banlieue de la republique" betrayed the essentials. It is about foreclosure and parallel worlds in order to be communities in the french prejudices, and about how the ratio to the gross community, to the values of the republic, looks like. That’s why the future looks like france. As roughly formulated the spring-leading author of the report, gilles kepel. And he can understand that the conditions he in the "emblematic pre-estimates" clichy-sous-bois and montfermeil, in the present department 93, his-saint-denis, has looked very carefully, despite all the peculiarities at phanomena drum, which there is also outside france.

Gilles kepel has made a name for a name as an expert for political islam. His publications, best known is likely "the black book of jihad. Rise and decline of islamism", find worldwide. Together with other scientists, from the summer of 2010 until the summer of this year, he explored the two banlieues listed above and their surroundings and talked to hundreds of residents. The intention was to "total portrait" to create.

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Cold agent dispute: honeywell criticizes kba tests

In the dispute over the r1234yf refrigerant, U.S. Manufacturer honeywell is sharply attacking the german federal motor transport authority (KBA), accusing the agency of rigged tests. This emerges from a letter from honeywell manager kenneth gayer to KBA head ekhard zinke, which was made available to the financial news agency dpa-AFX on thursday. In the letter dated 21. August, the company criticizes the authorities for testing the coolant under unusual conditions. In one of these tests, the substance had recently caught fire, as it had at the carmaker daimler.

The suspicion arose that the tests "were developed and conducted with an expected result in mind, and were adjusted in the course of the test series until the desired result was finally achieved," the honeywell manager writes. In initial crash tests and subsequent trials, the coolant had not ignited. This only happened when the testers specifically streamed out the agent. This was to simulate what consequences, for example, a more violent impact could have. A KBA spokesman did not initially want to comment on the honeywell letter.

The U.S. Manufacturer continues to criticize that the preliminary results cast a false light on the safety of the cold agent. The KBA had published the results two weeks ago and also sent them to the EU commission in brussels. The authorities had stated that they did not see any serious danger within the framework of the product safety law and therefore did not initiate a recall.

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Many discomfort against guests of guest data in bavaria local

Many discomfort against guests of guest data in Bavaria local

Bavarian privacy habits have received much more than 100 complaints against the host’s guest data in the gastronomy because of the corona crisis. The bavarian state office for privacy supervision in ansbach has received around 100 complaints according to a speaker. The data protection state officer thomas petri in muchen are also subject to further complaints in the middle double-digit area.

Partially inadmissible

In the free state, the data protection is divided into two resistances in contrast to other federal stations. While petri is complying with compliance with the laws of the state, the ansbach state office for the monitoring of companies is state.

In the large part of the complaints, according to the state office, it is about the fact that in some restaurants lists for several guests were used. As a result, the guest who entries his data, seeing the information of the persons who had come before, explained alexander filip by the state office. "This is unprecedently inappropriate."

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Scrappage scheme: authorities still find money in the claim pot

Scrappage scheme: authorities still find money in the claim pot

Hanover. July 2009 – the money for the governmental scrappage scheme will probably last longer than last amed. According to figures updated today by the federal office of economics and export control (BAFA) in eschborn, there are still 411 billion euros to be paid out before the 5 billion euro subsidy is used up.700 premiums (as of 16. July 2009) will be paid out.

Almost 200.000 application duplicates

Just the day before, the BAFA’s daily updated list of vehicle requirements was of only just under 230 vehicles.000 possible applications. Many car buyers had reserved the premium but twice, said a BAFA spokesman against dpa and thus confirmed a report of the bild-newspaper.

Still up to 9000 requests per day

These duplicate applications have now been filtered out by a data comparison. The spokesman said that there were still 8,000 to 9,000 applications per day. However, it is not possible to make a reliable forecast of how long the premium will last.

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