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Prestige surgery in the polarmeer

The recovery of the havaried russian atom-U-boot "kursk" should provide proof of transparency of russian information policy

Last weekend in the barent lake in the northern polarmer, the operations for the recovery of the russian nuclear submarines fallen in front of a year ago have "kursk" began. Unlike immediately after the accident, the russian authorities are striking for an open information policy. But already now, russian and norwegian side criticism of the $ 80 million project is loud.

Computer-generated image of the planned recruitment action, joint venture kurskalvage

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China’s gigantic eleven transmitter in a densely populated area

China's gigantic eleven transmitter in a densely populated area

Chinese atom submarine of the jin class.

Only russia and india still have such channels for submarine communication, the US navy should have closed their station sanguine 2004

Presumably, there is only an active eleven transmitter from the cold war, which uses extremely low frequency, namely zevs of the russian navy on the kola peninsula at murmansk, which works with 82 hertz and sends electromagnetic signals with a wavelength of 3700 km. This means that U-boots can communicate up to a depth of 300 meters, although with a very low bandwidth and only one-sided of the ELF transmitter to the submarine. It is sent with a floor pipol as an antenna consisting of two parallel antennas each with a long of 60 km.

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Dutch curfew illegal

Dutch curfew illegal

Handle of the group viruswaarheid protest in mid-november in amsterdam against corona restrictions. Image: karen eliot, CC BY-SA 2.0

Limits of fundamental rights in urgent proceedings

While in the netherlands the snow melts again – between the lowest temperatures of the last and the spring-known prospects of the coming weekend are around 30 degrees difference – hailes at present tuesday court judgments of gross scope: so lost the online platform deliveroo in the appeal against the food crisis , supported by the union FNV. The amsterdam court also came to the judgment in the higher instance that the labor restraints are illicitism; the company threatens to pay additional payments.

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In our own thing: research community now also sentenced to damages

In our own thing: research community now also sentenced to damages

Photo: sang hyun cho, pixabay license

With the sixth and last judgment, an almost eight-year legal dispute comes to an end

Below is a dispute between the netherlands research community (NWO) and me. As one of the process parties, I am naturally biased. But I am not a billing, but about the discussion of some aspects that seem important to me for the political and above all science policy discussion as a whole. Because many public sectors (education, health, administration, partly justice) are now based on the competitive and profit model.

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Digital future: the internet should be climate-neutral in the eu to 2030

Digital Future: The Internet should be climate-neutral in the EU to 2030

The EU states ranked in a decision adopted on tuesday "digital future of europe" atturned steps to climate protection in the field of information and communication technologies (IUK). They demand the EU commission, for example, to propose mails together with a detailed impact assessment, with which data networks such as the internet and data centers will be climate-neutral up to 2030. The greenhouse gas outlet of the digital infrastructures had to sink net to zero until then.

Member states make prere

Currently, the commission has ied the general objective for the EU until 2050 via the "green deal" to achieve a climate-neutral economy. The council of ministers was more likely to be on the brake, but now warns to the hurry to make the digital technologies grun and for that of them as well as their inherent potential for "green it" turn off.

The energy efficiency of communication technology must improve, requires member states in their 24-page conclusions. Innovative technologies are to be demanded, but also altsystems are considered to be one "digital obsolescence" to prevent. At the same time the appeal goes to the commission, "together with the united nations environmental program to take the guided in the development of a global environmental data strategy up to 2025".

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“No sprint”: e-patient acts usually still start behavior

Health data such as medical findings and rontgen images on the smartphone: since the beginning of the year, this is done with new electronic patient records (EPA). Underlying gross health insurance, the voluntary offer stabs two months after the start usually still on behavior interest. The digital document folder should also only gradually get more functions and become stronger. The cash registers rely on significantly attracting demand.

For the general local health insurance (AOK), the app has been activated 4500 times, as the AOK-bundesverband on request of the german press agency announced. At the BARMER, 6800 apps were downloaded according to enterprises and activated more than 2600, with DAK health, several hundred insured persons registered for use. At the techniker krankenkasse (TK) thereto almost 80.000 users the app and use.

To july all practices connected

The e-file as a voluntary offer for the 73 million insured persons was on the 1. January started. But first with a test phase. Patients can use the EPO first for themselves, non-digital documents must be scanned at first by mobile phone or tablet. The networking with practices should be tested in the first quarter 2021 only with doctors in berlin and the kassenzste region westfalen-lippe. To 1. July must then be connected all the practices. And that should also provide for more thrust.

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