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Trialed: macululinux in the “lindoz”-edition for windows transfer

Trialed: Macululinux in the'lindoz'-edition fur windows-umsteiger'lindoz'-edition fur windows-umsteiger

Many of the factors that have made a change to linux made more difficult today, do not play a rough role today: the strong dependence of windows-specific applications such as microsoft office is in many places of history, more and more workload wanders in the cloud and numerous popular programs are already a platform shaped anyway. Available. Nevertheless, windows users who want to change to linux are often confronted with difficulties. You will find many features of the system – not least optics and operation – as unfamiliar and adapting the system to your own needs is difficult because a counter-piece for system control under windows is supposedly missing.

Some linux distributions want to make this user easier to change – so also makululinux in the lindoz edition, which was published in a new version (2021-03-11) in a new version (2021-03-11). The aim of the MAKULU team is to provide an operating system that strongly demonstrates windows with regard to optics and behavior, but at the same time contributes a certain individual level. We have looked at lindoz with regard to the question of whether it is suitable as a drop-in-replacement for windows transferring.

Challenges in the installation

MAKULULINUX printers like these days as a live distribution with built-in installer. Perfectly powerful is the ISO file, which claims the downlink with almost two GB and from which the basic system including all important additional tools install. After the start of the ISO you end up on the lindoz desktop. Impractical: from the live CD, the entire desktop is extremely available in english. Not every user speaks as well english so well that he needs the installation of an operating system in this foreign language. The locales for the german language environment, however, can be made in the live system and after a logout and renewed login, parts of the desktop appear – including the installation routine – in german.

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Baden-wurttemberg: computer scientist warn against microsoft 365 at schools

Baden-Wurttemberg: Computer scientist warn against Microsoft 365 at schools

The teacher section in company for computer science (GI) refers to the transit from the baden-wurttemberg cultural ministry for commercial solutions such as microsoft office 365 in the planned education platform as "gross". This was on "all areas" affect such as privacy, democracy education in the digital area, methodology and didactics as well "unity, openness and collaboration".

Open source platform moodle

"It is very important to us that the excellent infrastructure in baden-wurttemberg’s schools will be preserved on an open source basis", constates the body in a now unaval position paper. "Center of a digital school should always be a learning management system really a learning management system." with the already used open source platform moodle, this is available – "including open standards and interoperability".

For the teacher’s group is also questionable, "whether our continuing education and collaboration structures were able to cope with the parallel operation of several systems". Certainly, an additional platform makes sense only if this "an open export and replacement of the produced materials" reliable support. For moodle with the associated video conferencing system big blue button is that "today and in the future the case", for proprietary systems such as those of microsoft "usually not".

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Number games update: ie does not pull it

"Travid no statistics you did not fell myself."

The numbers quoted here loves not only in some readers doubt. About 65 percent should therefore be released on internet explorer, 33 percent on netscape. How more research revealed, websidestory, the company behind statmarket, the source of these numbers, actually only the browser distribution of sites and users who use their software HITBOX. Therefore, this cutout can not be relevant for the entire network. To find browser statistics for the entire internet, probably is a similarly speculative exercise anyway, as to determine the total number of users. Not the topic has ever been particularly interested in us. But since the numerical matches seem to be particularly important, and at least one flanking meaning is given for the cartel process, here are still some updates from the server log files of the nearer and fishing network world.

A good entry provides metager, with numbers that are practically exactly opposite to those of statmarket.: 65% netscape, 33% (rounded numbers).

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Linux development: plane to rust code for the linux kernel become more concrete

Linux development: Plane to rust code for the Linux kernel become more concrete

The idea of re-writing the linux kernel or parts of it in rust are already a long thing in the room. Apparently, the tarpaulin for the use of rust code for individual modules of the kernel concretize, as evidence of an internal mailing list.

Conference session for rust development for linux

The google employee nick descarnier had asked for an LLVM microconference in the round, if interested in one "in-tree development of rust FUR linux" consists. He suggested, as part of the linux plumbers conference (24.-28. August 2020) to align a session on the technical aspects of the topic. At the disclosed discussion, final figures of the linux community like linus torvalds and the kernel maintainer greg kroah-hartman have participated.

Rust team offers kernel-specific development

Linus torvalds can now mean the use of rust in terms of principle, although the programming language C in his eyes remains central to the kernel. Flanking, josh triplet offered by the rust developer team, if necessary to support the linux kernel with specific new rust language features. The rust team signaled willingness to make linux kernel development to a new priority in rust development. The upcoming conference session could bring a decisive breakthrough.

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