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Escape: eu plans with east african despot

According to the magazine monitor, the EU wants to negotiate with east african rulers over a jerking and backup of migrants

The ARD magazine monitor was allowed confidential documents, which, so the teaser for broadcasting the post, "under no circumstances to the public". It is about targeted cooperation of the EU "the rulers in eritrea, sudan, athiopia and somalia" in the escape lot.

The constellation from a meeting protocol of the EU ambons of 23. Marz and various, not close-mentioned confidential papers, the openness was allowed to be familiar to the EU: the EU is located to record as few asylum seekers from african countries as possible. Therefore, you are looking for the prevailing with lucrative offers from a cooperation to convince. Human rights, otherwise rough suspension sign of the EU, are subordinated.

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Mosul: thousands of rights in front of the housekeeping

Mosul: Thousands of Rights in front of the housekeeping

Explosive stop in mosul. Cutout from an IS progaganda video, via twitter

The offensive to the backing of the city converges the densely sealed zones, the number of escaping growth

The request of mosul from the tyrrellaburism of the IS continues to be a lot of maohsamer, arbitrary, and all likely to be under very large losses under the civil avocculation and the crowds who want to take the city.

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Mild punishment for presser computer technicians in vienna

Mild punishment for presser computer technicians in Vienna

A closing tripojan has paralyzed the computer systems of a large viennese operation in july 2019. An oppressor demanded 420 bitcoin losegeld for the data, at that time about 3.7 million euros. On monday, a 21-year osterreicher at the vienna regional court was sentenced to 18 months in prison, which will be reviewed on a three-year probationary period. The condemned must not be detained, but 10.000 euro reparation numbers. He ames his innocence and has requested the weighting time, so that the verdict is not legally violent.

The company concerned, which implements several hundred million euros, paid a percent of the required sum. The associated hope of getting the transactions of these bitcoins to the presser did not go. This reports the ORF vienna. Other investigations, however, led to the 21-year-old in august 2020. He had completed a teaching at a supplier of the most extensive operation.


According to the indictment, he has gained access to the computer system by VPN and acquired login and password and installed damage to malware. Shortly before that he should have performed a loss of google searches. After the attack he stood a friend by SMS, "blodge" to have under "submerge" to want. Nevertheless, the man disputes today to have the trojan introduced. The computer system of the affected company is so old that everyone can easily get access.

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Ultricipate escalation strategy

Ultricipate escalation strategy

"Freedom march" the right. Image: patriot pryaer

America’s extremist rights tries to score with violent rising in the run-up to the senate elections

Once again, portland caught, one within the US right as a particularly liberal shifted city at the american west cust. Hundreds of right-wing groups patriot prayer and proud boys marched in the city to enforce one of their now good, increasingly violent provocation marshes.

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Dropbox employees are supposed to be permanently in the home office

Dropbox employees are supposed to be permanently in the home office

The filehosting service dropbox wants to leave his entire buro work for a reasonable end of the corona pandemic in home office. The currently enforced home work scheme will continue to continue worldwide for all 3,000 dropbox staff until june 2021, the company shared with. As soon as the situation is allowed again and become aware of local cooperation "dropbox studios" to be introduced into the rough buros such as san francisco, seattle, austin, and dublin, which then act as a meeting place.

Also in germany the regulation takes: the dropbox employees in hamburg and munchchen should work completely at home until this country is also "studios" as meeting places to be introduced as needed, as a spokesman of dropbox on request notified.

Homeoffice: the future?

According to the latest blog entry of the group, a DROPBOX stulpized was the rash to this decision. This revealed that homework has led to a higher satisfaction with the employees and a higher productivity could be achieved. So dropbox also pulls the current trend to make home office to the standard. Previously, rough tech companies like twitter and microsoft had dared to do this step.

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Chip bottleneck at qualcomm should affect smartphone production

Chip bottleneck at Qualcomm should affect smartphone production

Like the automotive and computer industry, smartphone production of chip bottlenecks is strongly influenced. According to a report of the korea economic daily various mobile phone manufacturers like samsung and xiaomi have already stopped selling some smartphones of medium and beginner classes in various world regions. Reason is a lack of qualcomms snapdragon chips. According to industry experts, the situation this year will not improve.

A sudkorean industry representative explained the newspaper that the smartphone manufacturers could be confronted as automotive companies with operating altogues. Some have already taken models of low price categories from the market to use the remaining stock of chips for their new models.

Duster forecasts

According to the market observers of IHS markit, the smartphone manufacturers must set themselves on delivery times of seven to eight months when ordering qualcomm chips. Qualcomm’s kunfty chef christiano amon has already warned in the short interview that the chip bottleneck in the mobile industry will continue this year. Even xiaomi-prasident lu webing has changed at weibo similarly negatively. In china’s social network, he explained that chips are not available this year, and not only spoken of a deficiency, but from an extreme deficiency.

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Survey shows growing dissatisfaction with digitization degree

Survey shows growing dissatisfaction with digitization degree

The dissatisfaction of many burgers with the sluggish digitization of public administration has grown significantly after a survey in the corona pandemic. 94 percent of the burgers "engraving deficits", in the digitization monitor published on tuesday, the digitization monitor, which creates the opinion research institute forsa on behalf of the FDP parliamentary group. Compared to the previous year, this is an increase of 12 percentage points.

Too little preparation for the digital age

Top funf wishes are the representative survey a central online administration portal, the digital application for passport and identity card, the digital registration and deregistration of the residence, "burger account" for data exchange and a digital wallet for documents and documents ("wallet"to).

Almost nine out of ten german (88 percent) have the impression that politics does too little to prepare the population on the digital age. In the previous year it was 84 percent. More than half (55 percent) the internet user is not so satisfied with online services of the authorities. In the previous year, it was 44 percent.

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Myth leica: 100 years small picture photography

At the beginning of the 20. Century were bulky record cameras ubrow. But the leitz-employee oskar barnack needed a more manual solution for his hiking tours and invented the UR-leica in 1914 before the outbreak of the first world war. She was much more compact than all of the previously conventional cameras and was considered the mabs of the time as a miniature camera. As a footage of commercial cinema film in 35 mm format was used. The negative had the amounts of 24 x 36 mm.

Leica M – all analogous muebelian cameras

Myth Leica: 100 years small picture photography

1914 – the ur-leica

after the mabs of that time, the ur-leica was almost tiny from 1914. Oskar barnack therefore also described his developments as a liliput camera.

Frying years: the myth was created

This so-called small picture format developed over time for both the professional and amateur photographers for the dominant camera format. Although the smallest picture of the medium format up to the coarse format, there was always alternative formats, but ultimately it was the small-scale film that both professionals and amateurs used predominantly. The 24 x 36 mm rough format was the ideal compromise between image quality and compact camera. Even with current digital cameras, the decreases of the image sensors are based on the small picture format. Who does not have to look at the euro, buys a camera with full-format sensor. The format 24 x 36 has excessed the media change from the analog film to the digital image sensor quite unimpressed.

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From the old blow?

From the old blow?

Munchen, 1. September 2014 – the drive of the sportiest threesome was always special at BMW and has thus removed rational considerations. Everything was already represented from the four to the eight cylinder. Always the machines in the lower speed range had sufficient power, which was hardly gainless, because in the upper area a fireworks followed. Past! The six-cylinder in the M4 has power in all areas of life, but also a lot with the engine of the 435i together. BMW thus takes the current ie of its mid-range top model the charm of exclusive, yes unnecessary – and that weighs heavier than the renaming of M3 to M4.

The initial question is still: there is – as objectively considering an M-convertible just allocated – something that can not take this car on this car? An optics to the lower knee? Lies in the eye of the beholder! Lots of steam and torque? With! Everyday use? More than enough! Open? Takes 20 seconds! So if you do not have deep aversion to the bavarian engines, they could be expired to this offer before they drove a meter overhead.

The first exam is the open M4 with links: sharp edges, rough wheelhausers, which are filled with chic 18-inch ridders, a penibula-composed cockpit. Thank you in this case at BMW individual for leather in "merino fine-grain amaro brown" (looks like a baseball glove) and the black piano lacquer trim (look like a piano). With the facelift of the threesist, the three-person facelift, the black plastic covers disappears around the shift lever, whose handle sympathy moves somewhere between margarine mug and cellar light switch. For the luxury, which one loves in abu dhabi, miami or grunwald so, a loading aid that raises the entire roof construction hydraulically and a three-stage neck fid.

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The cowboys and cowgirls

Yankee doodle does not only win german and french weasels, but also the american cowboys

With his new number yankee doodle shows that his satirical vein does not just directed against bosses, doofe germans and french, but also against the cowboy mental tantatite of some americans (who the fuck is yankee doodle?To). And as with his anti-germans and anti-franzosic pages, at the same time, they do not quite know if that could not be more serious. First and foremost, it may only be about paying attention to the moods on both sides of the atlantic and a few dollars. But what do you want to expect from someone who gets its best ideas under the shower – and then the time has to do it.

Donald "sharpshooter" rum tommy "general" frank

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