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The open human contempt of the police

Bondage in the cot or: how to create a scandal, part 2

Part 1: bondage in the cot or: how to create a scandal

As already in the first part, the facts behind the coarse scandal in aschersleben are indispensable for a scandal, although in other respects as part of the media are colensioned. While the scandal is seen there that the "leadpoint of a padophilen network" can be open, the actual scandal is that here are 11 people where there is no indication that they will commit criminal offenses, observed by the police and finally arrested, recognition service treated and with "voluntary searches" be considered. It is important that no adhesive commands were ied, there was no indication according to the statement of the penal formers themselves that crimes are planned here, trying or tries. Should be carried out. For the initial condensation, the fact that 11 padophiles, together with a child, meetings and the "information" of the RTL journalist.

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Opcw line has reported report on the alleged poison gas attack in duma

OPCW line has reported report on the alleged poison gas attack in Duma

The alleged chlorine gas canister on the bed.

According to magnitski end of another narrative? As linked documents and whistleblower of OPCW inspectors show, findings were correctly made by false-shifting and other manipulation politically

It is a bad time for the western disinformation campaigns, which have been distributed politically and with the echoia room of many media and become the fear of the "russian aggression" and the russian influencing campaigns, also called hybrid war driving, to schuren. Such disinformation campaigns were massively and inexorable for the preparation of the iraq war (eg. B. Evidence beyond all doubt … , prasident bush now has his own propaganda department). Was the hussein regime before the iraq war "lug" denoted, which – non-existent mass destruction hidden, although the UN-weapon inspectors contradicted the allegations of the US and the great britain, so russia has come to the place, the perfidic disinformation campaign "weaponized information" be accused to which one contrasts clarification campaigns, which in turn generate disinformation.

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Us foreign office wants to work out against foreign disinformation

US Foreign Office wants to work out against foreign disinformation

That already established under obama, under trump so far financially dried global engagement center receives a new director and more money to draw in the warriage

In marz 2016, the then US prasident barack obama relies an order of replacing the center for strategic counterrorism communication (CSCC) established in 2011 at the US foreign ministry by the global engagement center (GEC). The first of these departments for strategic communication or to influence certain circles, sometimes called soft power, was the counterterrorism communication center (CTCC) established in 2006). It was followed in 2008 by the global strategic engagement center (GSEC). The congress set the task of the GEC after the alleged influence of the prasidential election by russia at the end of 2016 with the countering foreign propaganda and disinformation act. It should now or above all certain communication from abroad, say from russia,.

In the financial year 2015, the GSEC had only a budget of $ 6 million, so in the financial year 2016 for the GEC had been first decided 16 million, for the financial year 2017, it was doubled to 32 million. The mission is pretty clearly set to make this abroad what to praise russia:

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The higher instance

For months, poland has been debating on the influence of the church to the state and society, there are corruption scandals and explosive attempts of the church

On the 10th. It was so far again. As at each 10. One month, remembering the former prassident lech kaczynski, the on 10. April, together with 95 other people in a plane crash in smolensk, came around (poland – country in the emergency state), gathered in front of the prasident palace in warsaw, to remember to remember his death and at the same time demonstrating against the current government.

However, to the dimensions of this year, as a fanatical kaczynski appende, a cross on the victims of the smolensk catastrophe for the victims of the smolensk catastrophe were abused to demonstrate against the current government and to represent as the only true poland (only a catholic be a good pole?), this rally could not reach. There were scatzt just 1.500 people who gathered with crosses armed in front of the prasident’s palace, candles to be candles, flowers died in between prayed and political slogans braised. "Here is poland and not moscow" or "we are poland" was among other things on the evening from the crowd to horen.

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