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Auberertal walder and lakes in sight?

French astronomy suggests construction of a hyperteleskop, which allows direct view of the surface earth-oriented exoplanets

Antoine labeyrie has a dream – for a long time. He dreams of a super telescope that is able to dissolve and photograph oceans, tropical walder and mountain chains from planets outside of our solar system – and at the same time proven traces of life. For some years, labeyrie has been trying to put his idea into action. So far his concept found only on the friction board. He still tinkes to the development of a small prototype – still the exo earth imager (EEI), so the name of the designed giant observatory, pure future music that will certainly sound at some point. But when?

Sage and write 181 exoplanets (as of: 7. Marz 2006), who have established themselves in 147 solar systems, were able to locate the mining planet detectives within eleven years with their earthbound and orbital magnifiers; 181 extrasolar planets, which have now been confirmed and cataloged and have made the jump in the official extra-solar planets catalog by jean schneider. There are still dozens of other localized candidates to finally be used as a true startrabants.

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Giant processor templates super computer

Giant Processor Templates Super Computer

The ki acceleriger cerebra’s wafer scale engine, presented last year, breaks a lot of records: no processor comes only in the near its coarse of 215 x 215 mm (462 cm2) or contains many computing (400).000) and transistors (1,2 trillion). He is about 50 times as coarse as other cpus and gpus. Now the chip has shown that he can also beat records.

According to a paper present on the supercomputing conference 2020, a cerebras CS-1 computer with this processor has the supercomputer joule 2.0 – at least 82 place on the current TOP500 list of november – beaten by a factor of 200. The task consisted of a complex system of linear equations, as it is necessary for, for example, for power simulations or weather forecasts. As cerebras exports in a blog post, the projection of CS-1 is mainly due to its high memory performance and fast connections between the cores.

Giant processor VS. Cluster

Joule 2.0 contains over 4000 20-kerners of type xeon gold 6148 with a total of 86.400 cores. He is at the US national energy technology laboratory of the US energy ministry of energy (DOE). His computing power is about the factor of 100 under the fastest fastest computer in the world fugaku

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Doctor waus chaos computer film

Doctor Waus Chaos Computer Film

"Everything is one. Auber the 0". Image: allist.Film / new visions film hire

The history of the german hackers scene from the archive in the present

Each medium creates a new social sphare grouped around this medium, its uses, utopias and the attached to him. When the computer in the 1950s, the research laboratories first in the direction of universities in love, then arrived in the economy and finally in their homes, such a medium came under the people, which soon came into themselves.

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Crypto wars: eu commission does not want to weaken

Crypto Wars: EU Commission does not want to weaken

The closure of news services such as whatsapp or telegram should not be softened according to the will of the EU commission. The brussels authority does not plan a proposal for a general ban of locking communication, it is called in a letter from EU indoor commissarin ylva johansson to three EU members. There will be no solution to consider that the casting was fundamentally for all burgers weak or directly or indirectly prohibited.

No tarpaulin for weakness or backtime

You can confirm, "that there is no tarpaulin to go in this direction", does it be in writing available to the german press agency. In it, the swede looks too "the introduction of "hurt"" for access to fused data. Previously, data protections were warned.

The EU states, however, penetrate in the fight against terror and organized crimetate to access a folding communication. Also federal interior minister horst seehofer (CSU) wants that. In an explanation of EU ministers of the interior of december, it is called, state-of-aged authorities had to be able to get rally and targeted access to the data. At the same time, technical solutions had to pay attention to the principles of legality and proportionality, and the protection of personal data. You want one "active debate with technology industry" create. It is important from the point of view of the EU states, because investigators and agents are more and more of electronic evidence – and they are often captured.

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Bgp hijacking: massive internet storage in the fixed network of telecom

BGP hijacking: massive internet storage in the fixed network of telecom

For a clearly coarse number of landline connections of deutsche telekom, there are partly gross problems on thursday morrittag. The company itself now explained on twitter that services of microsoft are affected as well as webex of cisco. From the landline, the services could not be used, one already working on the correction. In some cases, a restart of the router will help, it will be built. Subjects have already answered that the tip has not helped.

For the problems, once again a case of BGP hijacking is now responsible. Providers IP address block as their own, which did not belong to them at all. As a result, the traffic directed to the addresses becomes the actual destination via the hijacker ("hijacker") redirected. In the current case, a bulgarian provider was probably responsible, as first analyzes nearby. That this is possible with little effort has been known for years and belongs to the rough security in the border gateway protocol, via the internet subnets of companies and providers connect to each other to the internet. Remedy against the laying of incorrect BGP routes was specified in the form of cryptographic hedge by RPKI, but the technique is already commonplace.

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Copyright: ecj has to have tricky questions about streaming and geoblocking lots

Copyright: ECJ has to have tricky questions about streaming and geoblocking lots

The EU copyright reform associated with upload filters have not yet implemented many member states, but also the original 2001 copyright directive still contains some unostated problems. For example, the supreme court of austria has recently asked the european court of justice (ECJ) in two cases for a preliminary ruling in which it is about copyright protection with internet television and streaming as well as geblocking.

The defendant in a legal dispute (AZ.: 4 OB 40 / 21T), over which the ipkat specialist is reported now, opposite commercial customers such as network operators, hotels and stadiums individual IPTV complete solutions in a closed network. In addition to transmitter packages, these include an online video recorder that allows time-shifted television: it can be made for single or series recordings of entire programs.

A copy for all trap

The service also includes a replay function in which up to seven days of consignment content can be controlled again. Recordings by the recorder only when an end user performs an appropriate programming. The replay function must first be activated, the remainder the system leaves fully automatic. In the background you run "de-duplication process". It causes that multiple programming of recordings for several customers will not be created several copies of the content.

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Quantum computer: hackathon organizes for students

Quantum computer: Hackathon organizes for students

The massachusetts institute of technology (with) starts the second year-old hacking tone for applications on quantum computers. The interdisciplinary quantum hackathon (iquhack) finds online on the 30. And 31. January, and an optional workshop prepares on the 29. February with tutorials on the topic. Registration is up to 15. January.

The hackhathon aims at students from various technical areas such as computer science, physics and chemistry. You explicitly do not need any experience in writing applications for quantum computers and receive support by coaches of hardware sponsors.

Gates and quantum annealing

Participants are divided into two areas: during the one with gate model computers, the others work with quantum-annealing. In the last category, the programming language ocean is used by D-wave, while participants in the first group working with a combination of python and qiskit.

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Plain text: let them do it themselves

These days two suppliers present new E-axles for the IAA. Some colleagues from the writing guild see the revolution of the car industry in these components. Almost all suppliers in business "drive technology" or "e-motors" have some form of integrated component in their product range, and the individual parts and integration services have been available for a long time anyway. However, if you think this idea through without making any judgements, it becomes clear that the revolution has been in full swing for a long time and is by no means limited to electric axles. The car industry consists to an amazingly large extent of specialists who build you everything that makes a good car. You then have to assemble it yourself or choose a service provider to become a purely virtual or commercial car manufacturer.

The last time I noticed this was the other day on the subject of the niu electric scooter. Well, the drive control was not very well programmed, but that was probably because niu wrote the software himself. If you don’t do anything yourself, you don’t do anything wrong, says politics – especially if the people who do it have a good idea of what’s going on. The rest of the scooter looked very, very good. Cast aluminum supplier. Plastic molding expert plus plastic supplier in careful interaction. Battery manufacturer. Drive technology package from bosch. I have already earmarked myself for the company’s second scooter (M1), in the well-founded hope that outsourced software will give me a properly operable throttle grip.

Or let’s take a look at the electric car startups that have launched, are launching or will launch with favorable e-cars. Streetscooter (bought by DHL). E-go. Sono sion. How can motivated young engineers, who had no money for any kind of design, build such ready-made drives from nothing?? Not at all of course. They bought preserved drive technology like other customers and enjoyed the support that their supplier can give them before the project, during it and in production.

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Research project on 2. generation continues

The research cooperation "biomass for sunfuel" of volkswagen AG with the federal states of brandenburg, lower saxony and hesse will be continued. This was announced today by the brandenburg ministry for rural development, environment and consumer protection (MLUV) as a result of a meeting of stakeholders in wolfsburg.

The artificial word sunfuel stands for fuel that is produced synthetically from biomass and is also known as biomass-to-liquid (btl) fuel or as a "2nd generation biofuel. Generation biofuel" biofuel. The cooperation is based on a joint agreement on scientific and technical cooperation for the production of sunfuel from 2003.

According to the MLUV, the focus of the first phase from 2004 to 2009 was on determining the agricultural biomass potential, including socio-economic and ecological considerations.

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Free book

Creative commons licenses in practice

Just a few days ago, two telepolis buchers have been published under creative commons licenses (telepolis bookers for free download). In the telepolis and heise newsticker forums, this has already taken care of for excess discussions. A good reason to speak yourself as an author of one of these books.

"Here are people with communist missionary attitude at the factory the (once again) in ideological delusion open expropriation propagate", noticed a reader of the heise newsticker when he learned about the book downloads – what the industrial technology and witchcraft-weblog for the grandiosen conditioning communist missionaries give away bucher. Well, it can go. There is a publisher with his authors to a small e-book experiment, and already it’s one to the spearhead of world revolutionary motion.

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